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Deaf Freethinkers

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Deaf Freethinkers is a secular community of atheist, agnostic and humanist freethinkers. While we sometimes discuss deaf-related issues, our main focus is something that affects deaf and hearing people alike.

We look at human behavior with the assumption that there are no gods, and we see a planet filled with people who behave as if there really are gods, with the absolute conviction that their god or gods favors them. Some of these people compel others to behave in accordance with their imaginary friend’s rules.

We live in an era of conflicting delusions led by people armed with atomic, biological and chemical weapons. Never in human history have people so misguided been so well armed. Delusional thinking is an existential threat to all of us.

If you find our concerns about religious coercion, religious education, religious discrimination, etc. overwhelming, that’s cool. This group may not be for you.

But we also discuss politics, humor, current events, history, psychology, economics, science, education, space exploration. We celebrate constructive, positive advancements that benefit everyone.

Deaf Freethinkers sustains one of the most robust ongoing intellectual discussions in the deaf community and it remains that way because our focus is on things supported by evidence or under active investigation. We chew over the evidence, critique it, thump it to shake out our own biases from truth.

This is a secular group, one that harbors no illusions of an afterlife, benevolent deities, or supernatural powers. We, humanity, are the only form of intelligent life known. All we’ve got is each other, and we should focus on making that work.

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