These are links to large PDF files worthy of perusal.

Other Links

Sam Harris: How to Meditate

Sam Harris: It Is Always Now

Sam Harris – Morality and the Christian God

Red Ice Creations, an archive of alternative media

Atheist Bloggers and VLogs

Add your favorites!

Justin Vollmar’s Virtual Deaf Church for Unbelievers

RJ’s Paid Thinker vs. Free Thinker

FAQ for Theists Communicating with Atheists

The following are mostly science blogs by people who are also atheist.

Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy

Carl Zimmer’s The Loom

Virginia Hughes’ Only Human (not 100% certain she’s atheist)

Ethan Siegal’s Starts with a Bang

Mano Signham

These blogs are more political than scientific:

Ed Brayton’s Dispatches from the Culture Wars

Greta Christina

Science Resources at Reddit

Ask Science – Cowdsourced, so you do see some conjecture and speculation, but this subreddit also attracts a lot of people who know what they’re talking about. When several of them develop a consensus on an answer, the discussion is usually on the right track toward a good answer.

Explain Like I’m Five – this one does a great job of tackling very complex topics and breaking them down in a way that is comprehensible to people who don’t specialize in that topic.

And some additional general purpose subreddits with interesting discussions. You can pick up a little knowledge here and there, get familiar with the jargon and their meanings, and it gives you enough understanding to dig deeper if you find something particularly interesting.






General good sources:

National Center for Science Education

Science Blogs

National Geographic

Freethought Blogs

TalkOrigins & Evolution

Talk Origins site outline

FAQ on Transitional Fossils

Evolution & the Fossil Record

Other Freethought Resources

TalkOrigins links to related sites

God is Imaginary

The Atheist Blogroll

FreeThought Wiki

How To Persuade an Atheist to Become Christian – interesting guide to tactical strategies you may encounter.

And then there’s the counter-strategy…

How to Persuade a Christian to become Atheist

Note how both approaches emphasize socialization!

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